The Qlixbi revolution

This is what happens when welders design their own tools
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30 maart 2020

Energas, an Air Liquide Company, recently launched ‘Qlixbi’, a series of breakthrough innovations that revolutionise their customers experience in the welding sector. Qlixbi, a brand new packaged gas cylinder offer has been designed in close collaboration with a large group of professional welders, to make sure the new innovative offer significantly improves welders’ everyday tasks…

“In fact, we used the input and feedback of almost 700 professional welders – the actual users of our products – on the ergonomic design and the digital features of Qlixbi”, explains Jean Bécourt Foch, Qlixbi Program Director at Air Liquide. “The main target was to make the welders’ everyday work safer, easier and more enjoyable. Qlixbi is the result of all that.”

Qlixbi is a mix of mechanical and digital innovations and includes new gas cylinder hardware, as well as several connected services. The system offers the optimum experience  when the mechanical and digital solutions are combined, but it’s also possible to use the new Qlixbi cylinders on their own with the instant click-on connector. If needed, the connected services can still be added at a later stage.

Mechanical innovations

“Let’s take a look at the new gas cylinder first. Qlixbi consists of a newly designed gas cylinder with a revolutionary click-on connector to which the welding station is attached.
You simply have to click the connector into the cylinder and you’re ready to go! There’s no longer a need for spanners or wrenches. This is exactly what welders want: a no-nonsense, easy-to-use connection system, allowing them to save valuable time and concentrate on what’sreally important: the welding job.”

The new cylinder is also equipped with a robust ergonomic ‘wheel’, which allows a sturdier and safer grip when manipulating or moving the cylinder. Another plus is that the design does not have any protruding vulnerable parts, which reduces the risk of damage if the cylinder were to fall.

Furthermore, the click-on connector rotates 360°, which limits the risk of strains and injuries. “So wherever your welding post is positioned in relation to the cylinder, you no longer have to move or twist the cylinder”, Jean adds.
“Another practical extra is the hi-vis gas reserve indicator. When you’re running out of gas, it changes from green to red. And it’s quite big, so you will still notice it if you are up to 15 metres away.”

Qlixbi connected services

In addition to the added value of the Qlixbi hardware, welders can also make their life easier using several newly developed connected services. To this end, a smart Qlixbi click-on connector is needed, as this version is equipped with the necessary Internet of Things communication technology.
This allows the system to communicate and exchange data with the new ‘Qlixbi manage’ online platform.
“Our collaboration with the professional welders also resulted in the creation of an online platform – called ‘Qlixbi manage’”, Jean continues.
Qlixbi Manage has three main functionalities: ‘Stock View’, ‘Stock Alert’ and ‘Auto Restock’.”

Manage your gas effortlessly

“As the name implies, ‘Stock View’ lets you check the status of your current gas stock. It definitely is a nice-to-have feature, but it gets all the more interesting when it’s used in combination with the ‘Stock Alert’ function. ‘Stock Alert’ sends a mail notification to the customer when the gas level in the cylinder reaches the threshold that is set by the user.”
“‘Auto Restock’ takes it one step further, as it allows you to have your welding gas ordered and delivered automatically. The system uses advanced predictive analytics to calculate your gas consumption and uses this as a base to calculate the next delivery date. Of course, you also get notified each time an order is shipped. So basically, the choice is yours: you can choose to simply get notified when you run of gas, or you can get complete peace of mind and allow Qlixbi to replenish stock automatically.”


Qlixbi cylinders are available with all standard ARCAL gases for MIG/MAG/TIG and manual welding and come in three sizes: 33L/300 bar, 50L/300 bar and 50L/230 bar.

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