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27 March 2023
ALLEX is an acronym for Air Liquide Leading Excellence, a programme that gives young graduates with a master's or bachelor's degree a chance to work in different European entities within the group. Among other advantages, the programme helps those who take part to  figure out which career opportunities are the best fit for their abilities and aspirations.
13 March 2023
HyTrucks wants at least a thousand heavy-duty hydrogen trucks on the road by 2025. By the same time, they also want to have at least 25 operational hydrogen refuelling stations. The trucks will be deployed mainly in the triangle between three of the major logistics hotspots in Western Europe — the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Duisburg — as well as in Germany, Luxembourg and France.
8 March 2023
Some clichés are harder to get rid of than others. What about ‘Decision making is easier with only males’ or ‘Women are natural nurturers, men are natural leaders’. Let’s ask Air Liquide employees & managers what they think about some of these gender stereotypes…
9 January 2023
Graduate Consulting is a student consulting firm. Master’s students from TU Delft - and more recently from universities in Amsterdam and Rotterdam - are matched with companies looking for strategic consultancy, on a project-by-project basis.
12 December 2022
Applications for Air Liquide’s well-respected ALLEX programme continue to rise. In fact, for Mathias Van De Vyver (26), the existence of ALLEX was an important reason he joined the company. ALLEX is an acronym for Air Liquide Leading Excellence, a programme that gives young graduates with master's degrees the chance to work in many of the group's European entities. Among other advantages, the programme helps them discover the career opportunities that best match their abilities and aspirations.
28 November 2022
Being one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Toyota currently employs more than 27.000 people in Europe, and has no less than 16.5 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles on the road in the region. On their way to achieve 100% CO2 reduction in all new vehicles in Western Europe by 2035, Toyota continues to offer a wide range of electrified powertrains, including hydrogen fuel cell, (plug-in) hybrid and battery vehicles. Anticipating the widespread adoption of hydrogen in the transport sector, Toyota continues to accelerate its efforts on the large-scale implementation of hydrogen.
14 November 2022
K3D — with offices in Terborg and Eindhoven — is the market leader in 3D metal printing in the Netherlands. In less than ten years, the company has printed more than 150,000 metal parts still in use today in every kind of industrial installation.
31 October 2022
She’s just 26, but Tessa den Reijer has been working as a process engineer at Air Liquide's Rozenburg site in Rotterdam for more than two years. And at the same time, she also completed her first ALLEX mission...
17 October 2022
In 2010, E-Trucks Europe in Westerhoven, in the Netherlands began to design and build emission-free trucks. Initially, the powertrain was limited to a battery pack, but it gradually became clear that this was not enough. The solution involved adding a range extender in the form of a hydrogen fuel cell...
10 October 2022
Luc Valkeneers is Technical Director at the Provincial Secondary School in Bilzen, or PSSB. The school, nestling in mostly green surroundings, is rather small-scale and consists of a handful of low buildings, making it an attractive and peaceful place.
19 September 2022
Sustainable solutions — however praiseworthy they may be — usually mean significant financial investment. But there are exceptions. InOpSys was able to install a sustainable water filtration system at Ajinomoto Omnichem generating additional revenues...
5 September 2022
Air Liquide's Phargalis Gas Identification Unit uses a validated method to automatically identify gases such as O₂, CO₂, and N₂. This means that costly lab analyses are no longer necessary.
22 August 2022
Niels Smout works as a supervisor in the mechanical department. Together with his team, he is responsible for preventive maintenance at Air Liquide’s plants on the BASF site in Antwerp.
8 August 2022
In this video, employees of the Blozo metal ware factory - in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands -, explain why and how the new Qlixbi cylinder system offers added value to their daily work. You will also learn why American football is important to this Dutch company…
18 July 2022
In Pijnacker, a township nestling between Rotterdam and The Hague, you’ll find WKS Welding and Construction’s workshop. The company makes high-quality steel doors in every size and shape – pivoted, hinged, sliding, etc.
11 July 2022
Jean-Baptiste Veyrenc (27) worked for a pharmaceutical company and wanted to sign up for the VIE programme in the UK through his employer. That scenario fell through because of Brexit, so he was looking for another way to get a place on VIE...
27 June 2022
Future Proof Shipping (FPS) provides solutions to facilitate zero-emission shipping. The company has a fleet of inland waterway/short-sea vessels in the pipeline that will be made available for charter. Customers who want to transport goods emission-free on the Rhine can now already book container space through FPS. FPS also offers consultancy services on zero-emission shipping.
30 May 2022
Febetra — the Royal Federation of Belgian Transport & Logistics Service Providers — has, because of its central position in the transport sector, clear insights into the challenges and opportunities of emission-free road freight transport.
16 May 2022
Malvern Panalytical manufactures sophisticated measuring equipment used to analyse a wide range of raw materials. Techniques such as liquid chromatography, microcalorimetry, spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction are used, inter alia, to measure grain size and shape, moisture content and viscosity, as well as chemical identification, contaminant detection and analysis, and more.
2 May 2022
In Kruisem, Belgium, of all places, there’s a unique fish farm. The inconspicuous Aqua4C building – not by chance located right next to a tomato farm – is home to a series of tanks with a combined capacity of around 1 million litres of fresh water. As well as almost 40 tonnes of omega perch...
11 April 2022
Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) is a programme that encourages young graduates to build an international career. After completing her VIE programme, Estefania Torres Avila (28) was offered a job as Energy Back Office Manager in Paris. But her story begins on the Spanish coast...
4 April 2022
For now, they’re still in a modest shed at the Regimentsdok in Nieuwegein, but given the ambitions of Santos Boats and the market interest, it seems likely that the company will eventually have to look for a much bigger location...
21 March 2022
Noort Klima Services, in the North-West business park in Rotterdam, specializes in assembling, maintaining and repairing vehicle heating and cooling systems.
14 March 2022
Alpro – part of the Danone food company – has commissioned a water reuse installation with an annual purification capacity of 930,000 m3 at its site in Wevelgem. Thanks to this installation, some 80% of wastewater can be reused.
7 March 2022
Initially, she only signed up for an Air Liquide internship. But it was such a good experience for both parties, she was soon offered a contract as a process technologist...
28 February 2022
While the European Climate Change Programme is rapidly increasing the importance of R744, the HVACR sector itself is starting to discover the advantages of this special refrigerant gas...
14 February 2022
Belgian shipping company CMB – Compagnie Maritime Belge – has a rich history spanning over 125 years. In that time the company has built up an impressive fleet of more than 90 large cargo vessels and 50 workboats. The CMB.TECH division also focuses on business activities outside the shipping industry. This is all because of recent developments in hydrogen...
19 January 2022
Air Liquide is investing €125 million to build a new Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Moerdijk. It’s a new generation ASU with a daily oxygen production capacity of 2,200 tonnes. The ASU is particularly innovative in a number of ways. For example, its energy consumption is 10% lower than the previous generation and the ASU will be used to stabilise the national power grid, facilitating wider use of renewable energy sources.
20 December 2021
Some people talk about protein diversification, and others prefer protein transition. But in each case, the challenge is the same: the search for new nutrients and products to take their rightful place alongside meat products. Preferably also for their taste, texture, nutritional qualities and price...
29 November 2021
Cryogenic gases are widely used in laboratories as well as pharmaceutical environments, in the industrial sector, and even in restaurants. Using cryogenic gases offers a number of unique advantages but is not without risk.
9 November 2021
Covestro is one of the world's biggest producers of polymers. The group has no fewer than 50 production sites and employs around 17,000 people. Covestro's polymer materials are destined for various markets, including the automotive and transport industries, the construction sector, the wood-processing industry, the furniture industry and the electronics sector.
25 October 2021
Kärcher's IB 10/8 L2P is the world's first dry ice blaster to have a built-in production unit for dry ice pellets. The unique device can be delivered with a compatible CO₂ cylinder from Air Liquide. A light-hearted marketing campaign puts the collaboration between Kärcher and Air Liquide in a fresh new light...
4 October 2021
It’s well known that gas purity has a significant influence on the reliability of laboratory measurement results. What is less well known is that the quality of pressure equipment is also very important.
27 September 2021
Surrounded by woodland in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgian Limburg, stands a castle dating back to the 16th century where today top-quality abbey beers are brewed.
20 September 2021
Gases are not the first things that spring to mind when you think of a construction site. Nevertheless, gases are indispensable for welding or cutting up reinforcement nets and steel beams, among other things. For larger construction companies operating internationally, it’s often quite a challenge to get the right gases to the right place at the right time. Air Liquide's new Construction Yards Team is changing all that.
6 September 2021
Mars Hens, 33, had his first welding experiences at Sensata Technologies. Today, he makes furniture and artistic creations in the Moktamee community and is looking to become established as an independent welder/carpenter...
30 August 2021
Thibault is in charge of coordinating maintenance in the production facilities, as well as fixing any problems. "It’s pleasant working at Air Liquide. This is partly because they’re open to new ideas and also because you’re given real responsibility from day one, which means you develop your professional skills fast."
9 August 2021
By day Nicola D'abbenigno works in his family's pizza restaurant, but he prefers to spend his free time renovating his home. He has already welded a new interior staircase and added two beautiful balconies to the front of the house...
2 August 2021
As well as the big well-known players, there are also quite a few smaller breweries in the Benelux. Some are run commercially, while others are strictly hobby projects. Remarkably, many of these smaller (micro) breweries succeed in producing high-quality beers.
19 July 2021
Joining Air Liquide two years ago through the VIE programme (Volunteer for International Experience), Morgane Dignan, 28, has now secured a permanent contract as Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager.
28 June 2021
Bas Menzing (45) was recruited just over a year ago as a Sales Representative at Air Liquide’s Manufacturing & Process (M&P) department. He advises customers about gases — usually delivered in cylinder bundles or tanks — and systems to produce gases on site.
21 June 2021
In Waalre — just south of Eindhoven in the Netherlands — there’s a company designing and building innovative solutions for beer tanks. The basic principle: bringing the quality and taste of the brewery to the consumer’s glass.
14 June 2021
One major reason why food has limited shelf life is the oxygen in the air outside. This encourages a wide range of bacteria and microbes to develop which attack the food.
2 June 2021
On the occasion of Sustainability Day, 23 March 2021, Air Liquide put forward its new "Environmental, Social and Governance" strategy, where CO2 emissions naturally play an important role.
26 May 2021
Nitto Belgium — part of the global Nitto Group, headquartered in Japan — is based in Genk, where there’s a production unit and a knowledge centre comprising several specialist laboratories.
22 April 2021
Air Liquide's high-tech SMR-X hydrogen plant — located on the Covestro site in the Antwerp port area —  was officially brought into operation on 22 April 2021.
5 April 2021
If we want to reduce fossil fuel use and the associated CO2 emissions, we need a sustainable and affordable alternative that meets the necessary safety and quality requirements, can be used anywhere, and is easily distributed.
22 March 2021
Victor Vijfvinkel is Marketing Communications Specialist at Renewi. In this video he explains how the company composts green waste and how the waste water released in the process is purified, using pure oxygen.
8 March 2021
Florence Berbers – 35 years old and living in Wavre, just south of Brussels – has been working at Air Liquide since 2010. A few months ago she was appointed Deputy Manager at the Remote Operation Control Center (ROCC) in Evere.
8 March 2021
After years of working as a hairdresser, Willy decided to dramatically change course and retrain to be a welder. Today, she welds aluminum for luxury yachts at a shipyard in Makkum.
1 March 2021
Conventional gas cylinders target mainly industrial environments and larger businesses, but often prove less suitable for smaller companies. This is more often due to physical properties such as size and weight, but also to the traditional rental system. Simo Aittola, owner of the HVAC installation company Pyhäjoen LVI-Tarvike, explains why he chose to work with ALbee…
8 February 2021
CO2 capture and storage is an important part of Air Liquide's energy transition plans. The group uses its own technology and participation in a number of large-scale projects to make CO2 storage a practical possibility.
25 January 2021
The VDL Group is an international family business of Dutch origin which today employs 17,000 people in 106 companies. One of these companies – located in Oss, the Netherlands – is VDL Mast Solutions.
18 January 2021
Air Liquide has developed a number of ambitious and far-reaching initiatives as part of the group’s energy transition roadmap. These initiatives will be applied all over the world, including the Benelux countries.
11 January 2021
Most laboratories attach great importance to safety. Nevertheless, incidents that could be avoided still happen, some with serious consequences. Below is an overview of the five most common safety issues linked to using gases in laboratories.
21 December 2020
Blasteq - strategically located between Amsterdam and The Hague - markets dry ice blasting machines, while sister company 247DIC uses dry ice for industrial cleaning.
30 November 2020
For both safety - and practical reasons - cylinder gases are usually stored outdoors. Often, a structure with mesh sides and a canopy cover, or a similar solution is provided for this purpose. This works in itself, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to fire safety, amongst other things.
23 November 2020
InOpSys, a Belgian scaleup headquartered in Mechelen, specialises in treating and valorising wastewater generated by pharmaceutical and chemical companies.
9 November 2020
Olga Zouboff’s story is living proof that it’s possible to combine a successful career at Air Liquide with motherhood. Olga (37) works as an Energy Manager and is a mother of two...
2 November 2020
Companies and laboratories who regularly work with cylinder gases often see it as a major challenge to keep track of the location and status of the various gas cylinders they use. Servitrax and Stelio make things a lot easier.
26 October 2020
Imagine a 70,000 m2 site, comprising a huge shop offering no fewer than 35,000 different food items serving both professionals and consumers, and 150 refrigerated trucks driving back and forth six days out of every seven, delivering a daily average of 20,000 packages. That’s 250 tonnes of food products going to customers over a wide area. La Provençale, with its 1,300 employees, is by far the biggest food wholesaler in the region.
19 October 2020
Traditional gas cylinders can contain up to ten thousand litres of gas, but they can weigh in at many kilos and are often too big to be comfortably transported in a car or a small van. Not only that, conventional rental plans are not so attractive to the consumer.
12 October 2020
Industrial companies make strenuous efforts to achieve CO2 targets. Air Liquide’s Green Origin gases can make a major contribution.
14 September 2020
In this video you will discover how to use Air Liquide's e-Mixture guide to quickly and effectively find the right gas mixture...
31 August 2020
Felix explains how he uses his technical skills at Air Liquide to bring various different industrial projects to a successful conclusion. “There is plenty of room to launch ideas and take new initiatives,” he says.   Check out our vacancies in Antwerp: - Process Engineer - Process Control Engineer - Project Manager Other career opportunities
20 July 2020
A cross-functional team of eight Air Liquide colleagues – drawn from the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and the Nordic countries – was put together to identify how inclusion and diversity could be better embedded in Air Liquide’s teams in the North-West Europe (NWE) cluster. A number of inspirational initiatives were the result.
22 June 2020
The story begins on 9 April 2020. That night, a breach in a collection basin at a food processing plant near the town of Cambrai in France released close to 100,000 m³ of wastewater into the Scheldt river. The wastewater contained huge quantities of bacteria which consumed almost all the oxygen in the water, causing fish to die on a massive scale. In the days that followed, the pollution gradually spread further downstream, heading towards Belgium...
8 June 2020
Searching for gas leaks, for example in air conditioning systems or industrial settings, is often a painstaking, labour-intensive and time-consuming operation.
11 May 2020
Selecting and designing suitable packaging for a food product is not an easy task, even more so because the quality and look and feel of the packaging have a significant impact on the success of the product. One of the most important parameters regarding quality is of course the shelf life. After all, a longer shelf life is not only advantageous for the manufacturer, but also for the customer…
20 April 2020
Laboratories operate very differently from businesses in several respects, and this applies to both research laboratories and commercial operations. At least that’s the opinion of Kim Vissers, R&A key account manager at Air Liquide.
10 April 2020
Crescendo CVO, an adult learning service with 21 branches in Flanders and Brussels, offers a comprehensive welding course as one of its options. It’s a course that attracts professional welding hopefuls and eager hobbyists alike.
16 March 2020
The exclusive world of superyachts is normally completely alien to mere mortals, except for those who actually work in the sector, of course. Tenderworks is a Dutch shipyard that supplies tenders to superyacht builders such as Feadship, Oceanco and Lürssen.
2 March 2020
Dutch Berries is part of the Gijbert Kreling group, which has five cultivation sites with a total of about 50 hectares of greenhouses. Until recently the group grew only Elsanta strawberries but, from 2020, the Malling Centenary variety is being introduced too. The group also cultivates kalanchoes and chrysanthemums.
24 February 2020
Air Liquide is opting resolutely for a customer-centric approach as it works on digital transformation projects. Darwin - an augmented intelligence project taking customer need as its starting point - is located at the intersection of the two...
17 February 2020
Marloes Moerman – a Rotterdam native and mother of two - is friendly and charismatic, but that doesn’t stop her from being successful as Pergen site manager.
27 January 2020
It’s a familiar problem for laboratory technicians: you need a particular gas mixture – perhaps for calibration - but you don’t know exactly what data you need to provide to be sure that the mixture complies with the correct specifications. Not only that, the cost or delivery deadline might not be immediately clear. Air Liquide’s new e-Mixture Guide offers a ready-made answer to all these questions.
22 January 2020
In February 2019, Air Liquide began construction of the SMR-X, a next-generation hydrogen plant. Work started on the high-tech production unit on the Covestro site in the port of Antwerp.
13 January 2020
Isabelle Hilaire (24) is passionate about sustainable energy and the environment. She wants to apply her knowledge to help industrial companies use energy as efficiently as they can while reducing harmful emissions as far as possible. Thanks to the VIE programme, her mission is taking shape.
16 December 2019
ARCAL Technical Line gas mixtures speed up the work and make welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium more efficient.
2 December 2019
Terry Sudre (28) is a project manager in Air Liquide’s Large Industries department. He is part of a team carrying out industrial projects focusing on efficiency, reliability and automation. As part of the ALLEX programme, he has already been working in Germany and he is due to leave for a new mission in Russia next year.
18 November 2019
It is no secret that production quality and cost efficiency improvements - often remarkable ones - can be achieved if a supplier is willing to collaborate actively with customers. Especially when it comes to new production processes, such as FDM printing based on metal extrusion.
4 November 2019
Glastuinbouw Nederland wants to reduce the use of fossil fuels by greenhouse horticulture companies, so that the sector can achieve its CO2 objectives. But before that, there’s still a major problem to be solved, because moving away from fossil fuels risks creating a shortage of CO2 in the sector. It couldn’t be more ironic...
21 October 2019
Safety in the lab is the subject of a new white paper published by the group, confirming that health and safety remains a top priority at Air Liquide. The document can be downloaded here.
7 October 2019
As many as 1.2 billion tonnes of food go to waste annually worldwide. This is a painful thought from an ethical point of view, and economically too, as the cost of this wastage approaches EUR 825 billion a year. In this context, any development which helps combat food waste is very welcome.
16 September 2019
Provan’s Business Unit Manager, Dirk Lacquaye, talks about the Belgian metalworks subcontractor, two-time winners of the prestigious ‘Factory of the Future’ award.
26 August 2019
Air Liquide is currently working in different areas to provide companies with a suitable response to the challenges of tomorrow. These challenges concern not only technological developments, but also the pursuit of a more sustainable society.
5 August 2019
Recent developments can now achieve perfect temperature control during the production and transport of food products such as meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, cheese and pasta. This brings some significant benefits.
15 July 2019
AutoSupply allows users of cylinder gases to monitor remotely how much gas is left in the cylinders. The gas is automatically reordered and delivered, with the result that the user hardly has to even think about it.
1 July 2019
Provan, a Belgian company active as a subcontractor for metal works, has already twice been awarded the prestigious Factory of the Future award. The company employs around 80 people, spread over two production facilities, one in Genk and one in Bilzen. The cooperation with Air Liquide has been in place ever since the company was founded in 1998.
17 June 2019
Being in business often feels like you’re involved in a constant plate-spinning circus act in which, when just one plate falls, the whole enterprise risks falling apart. If only some of the plate-spinning could be completely handled by someone else…
3 June 2019
Andy Augustus, Market Manager Food & Pharma North-West Europe, explains how food producers can rapidly test new products and production methods using - among other installations - a cryogenic freezer tunnel.
20 May 2019
Waffles, pancakes and ice cream: not the ideal diet for cyclists, but the sale of these goodies does help to ensure there are sufficient funds to take part in the 1000 km voor Kom op tegen Kanker cycling race.
13 May 2019
Data centres house large numbers of servers, usually contained within relatively compact spaces. While data centres often have huge floor surface areas - 50,000 m² or more is not exceptional - much of the space is taken up by long rows of 19-inch racks filled from top to bottom with servers. Substantial heat is therefore generated, which means that data centres must be equipped with powerful and reliable cooling.
15 April 2019
At first glance, there appears to be little difference between the argon gas mixtures offered by the various suppliers, but Air Liquide’s relaunched ARCAL range has some very special features.
18 March 2019
More and more laboratories are carrying out analytical measurement on isotopes, not surprising considering that isotope analysis can often offer unique insights. But, there’s a catch.
4 March 2019
Efficiency Project Lead at Air Liquide UK, Francesco Collini, talks about life in the VIE Program, working internationally, turning dusty annual report figures into sales and marketing tools, and the importance of shared values.
18 February 2019
Water purification installations have made use of a biological purification method based on so-called “activated sludge” since the 1950s. This involves mixing waste water with a population of specific microorganisms. These microorganisms have a cleansing effect, since they feed on organic material in the water. Subsequently, the sludge is removed before the water receives further treatment using additional purification techniques.
4 February 2019
In 2018, the Traxx Racing Team bagged no fewer than twelve Supercar Challenge podium places, four of which were first place. As a result, the team were champions in the Supercar Challenge Sport class and, for the second time, won the overall Supercar Challenge title. Impressive results, but what does Air Liquide’s ALbee range have to do with this?
21 January 2019
The Air Liquide Leading EXcellence (ALLEX) program promises participants that they will become a part of a network of talented and international driven professionals. The program is an opportunity to work in different countries, and gain experience in different parts of the business. Not only does it benefit the business, but it helps to equip young graduates to progress within the company.
7 January 2019
The energy transition - replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources - is proving a challenge in all sectors, but the situation in the horticulture sector is especially complex. This is because protected crops actually need carbon dioxide to survive.
17 December 2018
Konings partners with drinks businesses to take care of their bottling and packaging needs. With its head office in Zonhoven, Belgium, the company has developed into a major player in the international drinks sector.
26 November 2018
High-quality gases are essential for accurate and consistent analytical performance. Air Liquide now offers two levels of purity in its Alphagaz product line.
12 November 2018
Increasingly, governments are promoting alternatives to sulphuric and hydrochloric acids in wastewater treatment plants, due to the significant health risks associated with these aggressive acids. CO2 proves to be an attractive alternative and has a superior capacity to neutralize wastewater acidity compared to the alternatives. What’s more, CO2 does not entail health risks, it is easier to use, more sustainable and more economical.
29 October 2018
Three years ago - in September 2015 - Wendy’s Partyshop opened its doors in Nevele, East Flanders. Among other things, the shop offers masks, hats, wigs, complete fancy dress costumes, party materials... and of course balloons. We wanted to know more about these last-mentioned items.
15 October 2018
The lab, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has about 50 staff, including PhD researchers and postdoctoral researchers developing new medicines. A number of staff also work on projects for third parties, mainly companies in the pharmaceutical sector.
1 October 2018
In a not too distant past, it was self-evident for most people to eat a meat based meal every day. In the past, vegetarians were considered to be outside the mainstream. Today however, our society is rapidly evolving into a semi-vegetarian ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle into which we cut down meat consumption in favour of more sustainable plants and vegetables diets.
17 September 2018
Pascal Smet, Brussels Minister of Mobility and Public Works, leaves no room for doubt: “The most important path travelled  to our lungs”. The Brussels-Capital Region’s government is looking to step up the fight against air pollution, which includes a 2030 target banning diesel-engined cars from the city. And in the longer term there’s a possibility that petrol cars will be banned too...
3 September 2018
The HVACR industry (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) is facing a major challenge arising from the new European F gas legislation from 2014.  The legislation, a key element of the European Climate Change Programme, is designed to reduce emissions of certain refrigerant gases. Refrigerant gases are gases which are caused by the use of coolants. In particular, this concerns fluorinated refrigerant gases - hence the term “F gases” - which contribute to global warming.
20 August 2018
In this brief video, Roy Campe, R&D manager at CMB Technologies, unveils the first seaworthy ship in the world to use hydrogen combustion. The “Hydroville” currently transports commuters across the river Scheldt to Antwerp, avoiding rush-hour traffic, while at the same time contributing to CMB’s goal of cutting CO2 emissions in half. And the company has even bigger plans for the future.
16 July 2018
Industrial users often struggle to decide whether they’re better off having gases delivered in cylinders - or sets of cylinders - or having a gas tank or generator installed on-site.
11 July 2018
Gas bottles are an indispensable tool in many laboratories. However, their correct and safe use is often a sore point. Let’s face it, bottles are usually heavy and impractical. Plus, it is often difficult to check quickly whether the gas supply is closed off, or how much pressurized gas remains in the bottle.
5 July 2018
Ruben Van de Sande—production manager at CADskills—explains the role of Air Liquide in the production of personalised implants by means of Selective Laser Melting (SLM).
2 July 2018
Large and medium-sized companies usually have their gas cylinders delivered by truck, but for smaller companies or domestic customers this is usually not the case. These users will often transport cylinders by van, or even by passenger car. This is not a problem in itself, if the appropriate safety regulations are properly observed. Caroline Crickx and Dr Herman Weyten - both from Air Liquide Benelux - explain what you need to look out for
25 June 2018
Dry ice is best known for its use as a cooling agent in the transport and food sectors, but it is also extremely effective when used to clean machinery in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
18 June 2018
Narcisse Verbist, a 25-year-old Fleming who now lives in the Walloon part of the country, has been working for Air Liquide as a sales engineer for the past eighteen months. Thanks to the ALLEX programme, he can also undertake two missions abroad, each lasting three months. He has already completed one of them, and the second one is about to start…
11 June 2018
CADskills is a Belgian hi-tech company designing and manufacturing personalised implants to replace or reconstruct parts of the human skeleton. Initially focusing on the skull and face, the company is gradually extending its range to the rest of the body.
1 June 2018
Companies that infringe the cold chain regulations run considerable financial risks. Not least because it could lead to serious health problems for the consumer...
25 May 2018
Under a radiant spring sun during the Ascension Day weekend of 2018, five Air Liquide employees cycled no less than 1,000 kilometres for the Kom op tegen Kanker campaign.
14 May 2018
Dry ice is becoming increasingly popular in the food sector. The refrigerant has already proven its usefulness in hospitality, catering and e-commerce, and is now also being used in the preparation of food products...
12 May 2018
The message of Professor Bert Blocken –professor of building physics at the Faculty of Architecture of Eindhoven University of Technology and part-time professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of KU Leuven– offers little reassurance about the risks of fine dust. He specialises in the aerodynamics of buildings, cities and the sports world. Since the behaviour of fine dust is strongly influenced by the wind –and therefore also by the aerodynamics of buildings and cities– fine dust is high on the professor’s agenda.
7 May 2018
“All over the world, we have built successful partnerships with the top 5 petrochemical companies,” explains Patrick Hondsmerk, Research & Analysis Sales Director Benelux at Air Liquide. “Today, it is our ambition to further develop our activities and collaborations in the oil and gas market in Europe.”
30 April 2018
Thanks to these not-to-be-missed party tips, you turn every party into an unforgettable event.
23 April 2018
Rejdi Balluku (29) is employed as a real-time engineer at the Air Liquide Operations Control Center (OCC) in Brussels. In addition, he has already worked in the European strategy department in Frankfurt as part of the ALLEX project. His second ALLEX mission will soon take him to Paris, where he will analyse the industrial management systems used in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
16 April 2018
Air Liquide customers can choose from several options for the delivery of industrial gases. The most common choices are packaged gas, which is supplied in individual cylinders or cylinder packs, and bulk on site. For the latter, a fixed or mobile gas tank is installed at the customer’s site. Having options is critical for any industry, but how do you decide whether to opt for packaged gas or bulk on site?
9 April 2018
There are quite a few things to bear in mind when considering the purchase of a Laser Beam Melting (LBM) machine. Such a purchasing decision is always complex because the choice of a particular machine often involves the choice of a specific ecosystem as well.
26 March 2018
In the past, small helium users were obliged to resort to traditional large and heavy gas cylinders – for which rent had to be paid – or disposable packaging. But the latter was not particularly environment friendly nor was it accepted at recycling parks.
19 March 2018
In this short video, Carl De Maré, Vice President and Head of Emerging Technologies at ArcelorMittal Group, explains why Air Liquide’s know-how is becoming increasingly important for the future of the steel sector.
12 March 2018
Lauren Gohier is 25 years old and hails from Lyon, France. She has been working for the Air Liquide communications team in Brussels since the beginning of 2017. After successfully completing a number of internships, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Management. Then she decided to apply to Air Liquide.
5 March 2018
At the end of 2017, the long-awaited ‘Lungs of the City’ project was launched in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). The project involves filtering fine dust out of the air by means of an intelligent air purification system. The aim is to significantly improve the air quality in our cities.
26 February 2018
Dry ice has long remained relatively unknown, but for some years now the product has been growing increasingly popular with companies from the transport and e-commerce sectors. In addition, dry ice is also widely used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors and for cleaning machines.
19 February 2018
Scott Specialty Gases in Breda (the Netherlands) is one of Air Liquide’s renowned production sites, specialising in the manufacture and sale of high-quality multi-component gas mixtures, high-purity gases and associated gas materials. These products find their way to customers in a variety of industries around the world.
12 February 2018
3D printing –also known as additive manufacturing– is rapidly gaining traction. One reason is that the technology is now mature enough to be used for series production. As a result, 3D printing is on the agenda of an increasing number of companies.
5 February 2018
He was planning on becoming a professional football player. But then at the age of 18, Simon Wiciak changed course. Simon, now 24 and from a small French village near Cognac, subsequently obtained his engineering degree and found his way onto the Air Liquide VIE programme.
22 January 2018
As the name suggests, the Flemish Water Technology Network is a knowledge centre for water technology. Of course, waste water treatment is an important aspect of this, but the organisation also maps out sustainable solutions for recovering energy and raw materials from water.
15 January 2018
Governments and consumers continue to make increasing demands – as indeed they should – with regard to the application of hygiene in the food industry. Air Liquide’s latest Cryo Cabinet generation – a series of high-tech cryogenic cabinet freezers – introduces various innovative techniques to meet these demands.
8 January 2018
Packaged gas - the supply of industrial gases in gas cylinders and bundles - has been and continues to be one of the most important sectors of Air Liquide’s business. Nick Peeters, Senior Plant Operator at the Air Liquide site in Herenthout (Belgium), explains how the cylinders are filled safely and accurately.
18 December 2017
In this straight from the heart clip, Karine Boissy-Rousseau illustrates Air Liquide’s vision of women in technical professions and management positions. She also discusses her own career at the company.
11 December 2017
Most of the gas cylinders circulating on the market today are designed with the industrial user in mind. For this reason, the cylinders are quite large and heavy, so that more gas can be stored in them. In addition, the typical rental formula is also tailored to the needs of the industrial user. However, smaller users, such as self-employed persons or hobby users, have very different needs.
4 December 2017
CMB – the acronym for Compagnie Maritime Belge – has built a ferry to transport its employees back and forth between the left bank of the Scheldt river and CMB’s head office on the Gerlachekaai in Antwerp. A smart solution that enables employees to avoid traffic jams on the Antwerp ring road. But what really makes it special is that the ferry is powered by hydrogen.
27 November 2017
The International Society of Beverage Technologies – ISBT for short – distances itself from commercial activities and only deals with the technical side of the beverage industry. Gary Robson, Vice President of the ISBT, explains the importance of the Beverage Gases Technical Committee – one of the nine technical committees within the ISBT – and what the opportunities and challenges are regarding the use of CO2 in the drinks industry.
20 November 2017
The importance of a professional approach to hygiene in the food industry cannot be overemphasised. Even relatively minor shortcomings can have far-reaching consequences including serious illness and even death.
13 November 2017
Air Liquide regards diversity in the workplace as a win-win situation. On the one hand, because it is good that as many people as possible – men and women of different ages, of different abilities and of different nationalities – should be given equal employment opportunities. And, on the other hand, because Air Liquide itself also benefits from a diverse workforce.
6 November 2017
At first sight, there seems to be little point in comparing the packaged gas offerings of different suppliers with each other. The products seem almost identical, leaving only pricing as a differentiator. In practice, however, there is much more to it than that…
30 October 2017
Aquiris has previously drawn attention because the company substantially increased the capacity and quality of its water purification processes without investment in new plant construction. Now the company is once again in the spotlight; this time because they have significantly reduced their CO2 emissions.
23 October 2017
It is well understood that the presence of oxygen in liquids such as drinks, sauces, olive oil or pharmaceutical preparations leads to oxidation. And since oxidation has a detrimental effect on shelf life, it is advisable to limit the amount of oxygen as much as possible. ‘Oxygen management’ describes the set of measures designed to ensure that the oxygen residue in the end product is kept to a minimum.
16 October 2017
If we are going to prevent famine from becoming an even bigger problem in the future than it already is today, we must take urgent action. This can be done by investing in intelligent solutions that help reduce food shortages.
9 October 2017
The Summer School programme is a unique opportunity for international students with a business or scientific background to learn more about Air Liquide and its activities. Pia Bierman, a 23-year-old German, recently started her second year at Air Liquide within the international internship programme. She submitted her application for the Summer School week in Paris, and was selected along with 29 other top students to participate in this special programme.
2 October 2017
In October 2017, Cryotainer and Air Liquide concluded a takeover agreement, making Air Liquide the new owner of the company based in Schiedam in the Netherlands.
25 September 2017
Air Liquide supplies gases, services and solutions for SLS, DLMS (SLM) and EBM printing to Benelux customers active in the aircraft industry, the automotive sector, dentistry and surgery.
18 September 2017
VIE stands for Volunteer for International Experience. It is a programme for young graduates set up by the French Government. The aim is, on the one hand, to encourage French companies to develop their activities abroad and, on the other, to give graduates the opportunity to pursue an international career. Read more about it here.
11 September 2017
Clean air is one of the spearheads of Air Liquide’s sustainability strategy. The company is working hard on various solutions that will improve air quality. One of these – a revolutionary city bus that runs on hydrozine – is being developed by Team FAST.
5 September 2017
Aquiris, a water treatment company in Brussels, Belgium, has increased the capacity of its treatment plants by 12% in cooperation with Air Liquide.
28 August 2017
It should go without saying that today every self-respecting company places great focus on the environment and sustainability. One of the most important elements related to this is to reduce CO2 emissions.
18 August 2017
A research project carried out by Sirris shows that cooling with cryogenic gases offers significant advantages in the processing of titanium. Surface quality is greatly improved and burn marks are avoided. In addition, the service life of drill bits and milling cutters is doubled, which has a positive impact on costs.
14 August 2017
“Our vast gas pipeline network obviously plays an important role in this context,” says Philippe Ritzky, Commercial Director for the Large Industries segment. “But we go much further than that. We build strategic partnerships in which we work together to seek synergies, create value, share risks and exchange expertise.”
7 August 2017
BrightBox is a centre of expertise for the multilayer cultivation of plants without the use of natural daylight. It strives to exponentially increase the efficiency of the horticultural sector. One of the ways to achieve this is to add extra CO2 to the process.
31 July 2017
Wow! A relay race stretching out to 530 km, with teams of up to eight runners running from Paris to Rotterdam. In a nutshell that is edition 2017 of Roparun. But there is much more to it than just an extreme endurance event.
26 July 2017
Traditional cooling fluids for turning and milling are necessary but have some major disadvantages. Thanks to Cryo Machining, there is now a technology that offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.
21 July 2017
Renee Schellekens – sales  representative for the food and pharmaceutical sector at Air Liquide in the Netherlands – started working for the company a year ago as part of the ALLEX programme.
20 July 2017
During the 2017 Ascension weekend, approximately 850 cycling teams collected no less than EUR 4,085,000 for Kom op tegen Kanker. One of these teams consisted of 6 male and female Air Liquide employees.
27 June 2017
“Today there are still too many companies and organisations claiming to offer green products and services, when in reality they don’t offer any demonstrable added value for the environment,” explains Evert Vermaut, Activity Manager at Vinçotte. “However, there are sufficient international frameworks in place to guide the development and communication of environmental claims. These include the ‘ISO 14020 environmental standards series’ and the ‘10YFP Programme for Sustainable Consumption and Production’.”
27 June 2017
The words ‘Operations Control Centre’ evoke images of clever technicians sitting behind a console dotted with all kinds of gauges, switches, levers and buttons, minutely studying a battery of monitors.
27 June 2017
On 18 May 2017, Air Liquide organised the first edition of Food Day, a seminar specifically aimed at food companies. The seminar brought together experts from industry, government and academia to exchange innovative ideas. Key themes were operational excellence, innovation, sustainability and quality.
26 June 2017
Can you envisage a career at Air Liquide but don’t know which department is best for you to develop yourself? Then Air Liquide’s ALLEX programme is certainly something for you! ALLEX offers you the flexibility to discover all of your career potential and opportunities.
20 June 2017
VIE is open to young Europeans with a Master’s Degree. Through this international internship programme you can get started in one of the 80 countries where Air Liquide is active!
13 June 2017
Need a gas bottle quickly while on the road? Find a distributor in your area  online, including contact details, opening hours and directions on the map of distributors in Belgium or Luxembourg.
6 June 2017
Air Liquide's ground-breaking cryogenic machining technology is ready to conquer the world of metalworking. Recent research has shown that cryogenic machining offers many undeniable and demonstrated advantages over conventional machining techniques, and all with surprisingly low investment costs.
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