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19 January 2022
Air Liquide is investing €125 million to build a new Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Moerdijk. It’s a new generation ASU with a daily oxygen production capacity of 2,200 tonnes. The ASU is particularly innovative in a number of ways. For example, its energy consumption is 10% lower than the previous generation and the ASU will be used to stabilise the national power grid, facilitating wider use of renewable energy sources.
9 November 2021
Covestro is one of the world's biggest producers of polymers. The group has no fewer than 50 production sites and employs around 17,000 people. Covestro's polymer materials are destined for various markets, including the automotive and transport industries, the construction sector, the wood-processing industry, the furniture industry and the electronics sector.
2 June 2021
On the occasion of Sustainability Day, 23 March 2021, Air Liquide put forward its new "Environmental, Social and Governance" strategy, where CO2 emissions naturally play an important role.
22 April 2021
Air Liquide's high-tech SMR-X hydrogen plant — located on the Covestro site in the Antwerp port area —  was officially brought into operation on 22 April 2021.
5 April 2021
If we want to reduce fossil fuel use and the associated CO2 emissions, we need a sustainable and affordable alternative that meets the necessary safety and quality requirements, can be used anywhere, and is easily distributed.
8 February 2021
CO2 capture and storage is an important part of Air Liquide's energy transition plans. The group uses its own technology and participation in a number of large-scale projects to make CO2 storage a practical possibility.
18 January 2021
Air Liquide has developed a number of ambitious and far-reaching initiatives as part of the group’s energy transition roadmap. These initiatives will be applied all over the world, including the Benelux countries.
24 February 2020
Air Liquide is opting resolutely for a customer-centric approach as it works on digital transformation projects. Darwin - an augmented intelligence project taking customer need as its starting point - is located at the intersection of the two...
22 January 2020
In February 2019, Air Liquide began construction of the SMR-X, a next-generation hydrogen plant. Work started on the high-tech production unit on the Covestro site in the port of Antwerp.
14 August 2017
“Our vast gas pipeline network obviously plays an important role in this context,” says Philippe Ritzky, Commercial Director for the Large Industries segment. “But we go much further than that. We build strategic partnerships in which we work together to seek synergies, create value, share risks and exchange expertise.”
27 June 2017
The words ‘Operations Control Centre’ evoke images of clever technicians sitting behind a console dotted with all kinds of gauges, switches, levers and buttons, minutely studying a battery of monitors.
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