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8 August 2022
In this video, employees of the Blozo metal ware factory - in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands -, explain why and how the new Qlixbi cylinder system offers added value to their daily work. You will also learn why American football is important to this Dutch company…
18 July 2022
In Pijnacker, a township nestling between Rotterdam and The Hague, you’ll find WKS Welding and Construction’s workshop. The company makes high-quality steel doors in every size and shape – pivoted, hinged, sliding, etc.
4 April 2022
For now, they’re still in a modest shed at the Regimentsdok in Nieuwegein, but given the ambitions of Santos Boats and the market interest, it seems likely that the company will eventually have to look for a much bigger location...
21 March 2022
Noort Klima Services, in the North-West business park in Rotterdam, specializes in assembling, maintaining and repairing vehicle heating and cooling systems.
28 February 2022
While the European Climate Change Programme is rapidly increasing the importance of R744, the HVACR sector itself is starting to discover the advantages of this special refrigerant gas...
25 October 2021
Kärcher's IB 10/8 L2P is the world's first dry ice blaster to have a built-in production unit for dry ice pellets. The unique device can be delivered with a compatible CO₂ cylinder from Air Liquide. A light-hearted marketing campaign puts the collaboration between Kärcher and Air Liquide in a fresh new light...
6 September 2021
Mars Hens, 33, had his first welding experiences at Sensata Technologies. Today, he makes furniture and artistic creations in the Moktamee community and is looking to become established as an independent welder/carpenter...
9 August 2021
By day Nicola D'abbenigno works in his family's pizza restaurant, but he prefers to spend his free time renovating his home. He has already welded a new interior staircase and added two beautiful balconies to the front of the house...
21 June 2021
In Waalre — just south of Eindhoven in the Netherlands — there’s a company designing and building innovative solutions for beer tanks. The basic principle: bringing the quality and taste of the brewery to the consumer’s glass.
1 March 2021
Conventional gas cylinders target mainly industrial environments and larger businesses, but often prove less suitable for smaller companies. This is more often due to physical properties such as size and weight, but also to the traditional rental system. Simo Aittola, owner of the HVAC installation company Pyhäjoen LVI-Tarvike, explains why he chose to work with ALbee…
30 November 2020
For both safety - and practical reasons - cylinder gases are usually stored outdoors. Often, a structure with mesh sides and a canopy cover, or a similar solution is provided for this purpose. This works in itself, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to fire safety, amongst other things.
19 October 2020
Traditional gas cylinders can contain up to ten thousand litres of gas, but they can weigh in at many kilos and are often too big to be comfortably transported in a car or a small van. Not only that, conventional rental plans are not so attractive to the consumer.
8 June 2020
Searching for gas leaks, for example in air conditioning systems or industrial settings, is often a painstaking, labour-intensive and time-consuming operation.
10 April 2020
Crescendo CVO, an adult learning service with 21 branches in Flanders and Brussels, offers a comprehensive welding course as one of its options. It’s a course that attracts professional welding hopefuls and eager hobbyists alike.
16 December 2019
ARCAL Technical Line gas mixtures speed up the work and make welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium more efficient.
16 September 2019
Provan’s Business Unit Manager, Dirk Lacquaye, talks about the Belgian metalworks subcontractor, two-time winners of the prestigious ‘Factory of the Future’ award.
1 July 2019
Provan, a Belgian company active as a subcontractor for metal works, has already twice been awarded the prestigious Factory of the Future award. The company employs around 80 people, spread over two production facilities, one in Genk and one in Bilzen. The cooperation with Air Liquide has been in place ever since the company was founded in 1998.
15 April 2019
At first glance, there appears to be little difference between the argon gas mixtures offered by the various suppliers, but Air Liquide’s relaunched ARCAL range has some very special features.
4 February 2019
In 2018, the Traxx Racing Team bagged no fewer than twelve Supercar Challenge podium places, four of which were first place. As a result, the team were champions in the Supercar Challenge Sport class and, for the second time, won the overall Supercar Challenge title. Impressive results, but what does Air Liquide’s ALbee range have to do with this?
29 October 2018
Three years ago - in September 2015 - Wendy’s Partyshop opened its doors in Nevele, East Flanders. Among other things, the shop offers masks, hats, wigs, complete fancy dress costumes, party materials... and of course balloons. We wanted to know more about these last-mentioned items.
3 September 2018
The HVACR industry (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) is facing a major challenge arising from the new European F gas legislation from 2014.  The legislation, a key element of the European Climate Change Programme, is designed to reduce emissions of certain refrigerant gases. Refrigerant gases are gases which are caused by the use of coolants. In particular, this concerns fluorinated refrigerant gases - hence the term “F gases” - which contribute to global warming.
16 July 2018
Industrial users often struggle to decide whether they’re better off having gases delivered in cylinders - or sets of cylinders - or having a gas tank or generator installed on-site.
2 July 2018
Large and medium-sized companies usually have their gas cylinders delivered by truck, but for smaller companies or domestic customers this is usually not the case. These users will often transport cylinders by van, or even by passenger car. This is not a problem in itself, if the appropriate safety regulations are properly observed. Caroline Crickx and Dr Herman Weyten - both from Air Liquide Benelux - explain what you need to look out for
30 April 2018
Thanks to these not-to-be-missed party tips, you turn every party into an unforgettable event.
16 April 2018
Air Liquide customers can choose from several options for the delivery of industrial gases. The most common choices are packaged gas, which is supplied in individual cylinders or cylinder packs, and bulk on site. For the latter, a fixed or mobile gas tank is installed at the customer’s site. Having options is critical for any industry, but how do you decide whether to opt for packaged gas or bulk on site?
26 March 2018
In the past, small helium users were obliged to resort to traditional large and heavy gas cylinders – for which rent had to be paid – or disposable packaging. But the latter was not particularly environment friendly nor was it accepted at recycling parks.
8 January 2018
Packaged gas - the supply of industrial gases in gas cylinders and bundles - has been and continues to be one of the most important sectors of Air Liquide’s business. Nick Peeters, Senior Plant Operator at the Air Liquide site in Herenthout (Belgium), explains how the cylinders are filled safely and accurately.
11 December 2017
Most of the gas cylinders circulating on the market today are designed with the industrial user in mind. For this reason, the cylinders are quite large and heavy, so that more gas can be stored in them. In addition, the typical rental formula is also tailored to the needs of the industrial user. However, smaller users, such as self-employed persons or hobby users, have very different needs.
6 November 2017
At first sight, there seems to be little point in comparing the packaged gas offerings of different suppliers with each other. The products seem almost identical, leaving only pricing as a differentiator. In practice, however, there is much more to it than that…
13 June 2017
Need a gas bottle quickly while on the road? Find a distributor in your area  online, including contact details, opening hours and directions on the map of distributors in Belgium or Luxembourg.
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