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16 May 2022
Malvern Panalytical manufactures sophisticated measuring equipment used to analyse a wide range of raw materials. Techniques such as liquid chromatography, microcalorimetry, spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction are used, inter alia, to measure grain size and shape, moisture content and viscosity, as well as chemical identification, contaminant detection and analysis, and more.
29 November 2021
Cryogenic gases are widely used in laboratories as well as pharmaceutical environments, in the industrial sector, and even in restaurants. Using cryogenic gases offers a number of unique advantages but is not without risk.
4 October 2021
It’s well known that gas purity has a significant influence on the reliability of laboratory measurement results. What is less well known is that the quality of pressure equipment is also very important.
11 January 2021
Most laboratories attach great importance to safety. Nevertheless, incidents that could be avoided still happen, some with serious consequences. Below is an overview of the five most common safety issues linked to using gases in laboratories.
2 November 2020
Companies and laboratories who regularly work with cylinder gases often see it as a major challenge to keep track of the location and status of the various gas cylinders they use. Servitrax and Stelio make things a lot easier.
14 September 2020
In this video you will discover how to use Air Liquide's e-Mixture guide to quickly and effectively find the right gas mixture...
20 April 2020
Laboratories operate very differently from businesses in several respects, and this applies to both research laboratories and commercial operations. At least that’s the opinion of Kim Vissers, R&A key account manager at Air Liquide.
27 January 2020
It’s a familiar problem for laboratory technicians: you need a particular gas mixture – perhaps for calibration - but you don’t know exactly what data you need to provide to be sure that the mixture complies with the correct specifications. Not only that, the cost or delivery deadline might not be immediately clear. Air Liquide’s new e-Mixture Guide offers a ready-made answer to all these questions.
21 October 2019
Safety in the lab is the subject of a new white paper published by the group, confirming that health and safety remains a top priority at Air Liquide. The document can be downloaded here.
26 August 2019
Air Liquide is currently working in different areas to provide companies with a suitable response to the challenges of tomorrow. These challenges concern not only technological developments, but also the pursuit of a more sustainable society.
17 June 2019
Being in business often feels like you’re involved in a constant plate-spinning circus act in which, when just one plate falls, the whole enterprise risks falling apart. If only some of the plate-spinning could be completely handled by someone else…
18 March 2019
More and more laboratories are carrying out analytical measurement on isotopes, not surprising considering that isotope analysis can often offer unique insights. But, there’s a catch.
26 November 2018
High-quality gases are essential for accurate and consistent analytical performance. Air Liquide now offers two levels of purity in its Alphagaz product line.
15 October 2018
The lab, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has about 50 staff, including PhD researchers and postdoctoral researchers developing new medicines. A number of staff also work on projects for third parties, mainly companies in the pharmaceutical sector.
11 July 2018
Gas bottles are an indispensable tool in many laboratories. However, their correct and safe use is often a sore point. Let’s face it, bottles are usually heavy and impractical. Plus, it is often difficult to check quickly whether the gas supply is closed off, or how much pressurized gas remains in the bottle.
7 May 2018
“All over the world, we have built successful partnerships with the top 5 petrochemical companies,” explains Patrick Hondsmerk, Research & Analysis Sales Director Benelux at Air Liquide. “Today, it is our ambition to further develop our activities and collaborations in the oil and gas market in Europe.”
19 February 2018
Scott Specialty Gases in Breda (the Netherlands) is one of Air Liquide’s renowned production sites, specialising in the manufacture and sale of high-quality multi-component gas mixtures, high-purity gases and associated gas materials. These products find their way to customers in a variety of industries around the world.
30 October 2017
Aquiris has previously drawn attention because the company substantially increased the capacity and quality of its water purification processes without investment in new plant construction. Now the company is once again in the spotlight; this time because they have significantly reduced their CO2 emissions.
11 September 2017
Clean air is one of the spearheads of Air Liquide’s sustainability strategy. The company is working hard on various solutions that will improve air quality. One of these – a revolutionary city bus that runs on hydrozine – is being developed by Team FAST.
5 September 2017
Aquiris, a water treatment company in Brussels, Belgium, has increased the capacity of its treatment plants by 12% in cooperation with Air Liquide.
28 August 2017
It should go without saying that today every self-respecting company places great focus on the environment and sustainability. One of the most important elements related to this is to reduce CO2 emissions.
27 June 2017
“Today there are still too many companies and organisations claiming to offer green products and services, when in reality they don’t offer any demonstrable added value for the environment,” explains Evert Vermaut, Activity Manager at Vinçotte. “However, there are sufficient international frameworks in place to guide the development and communication of environmental claims. These include the ‘ISO 14020 environmental standards series’ and the ‘10YFP Programme for Sustainable Consumption and Production’.”
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