“No two days are the same!”

Lauren Gohier, Content Marketing Coördinator
Behind the scenes
12 March 2018

Lauren Gohier is 25 years old and hails from Lyon, France. She has been working for the Air Liquide communications team in Brussels since the beginning of 2017. After successfully completing a number of internships, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Management. Then she decided to apply to Air Liquide.

“As a French citizen I was, of course, already familiar with Air Liquide. And since I also knew that Air Liquide was a large, international industrial company – exactly what I was looking for – I sent in my application. The first contacts with Air Liquide were immediately very pleasant and cordial. And that’s always been the case ever since.”

More than just office work

“My job as content marketing coordinator is quite varied. I work on external communication media and help with the organisation of events. I’m also responsible for the communication support of the sales department. In practice this means I alternate typical office tasks with work outside of the office. I have the opportunity to drive one of the Mini One cars provided by the company to visit the various Air Liquide sites in the Benelux.”

“A while ago I worked closely with our safety department to make a video about safety on our sites. It was great to work with the HSEQ team, a department I hadn’t worked with before." 

"During the shootings, I managed the video crew and at the same time helped the actors (read: our own employees) with their tasks. Everyone cooperated enthusiastically and the result was greatly appreciated. More recently, for another project, I was on board a special ship (powered by hydrogen!) for a trip down the Scheldt and through the port of Antwerp, to make a customer testimonial video. So yes, I truly can say that my work is really varied.”

Essential: the working environment!

“I attach great importance to having a pleasant work environment, and that’s certainly the case at Air Liquide. We work in a well-lit, modern building with both shared and more individual work spaces. Downstairs there is a restaurant, but there are also enough microwave ovens and fridges around for those who prefer to bring lunch from home. The location in Brussels (Evere) is easily accessible by car and public transport. The fact that there are plenty of bus and tram stops nearby as well as a large car park makes getting to and from work very convenient.”

Job hopping within the company?

“I’ve already learned a great deal here at Air Liquide: soft skills, coordination tasks, content marketing, working with agencies, and so on. In addition, I can follow regular communication training courses. And that is necessary, because the sector is evolving rapidly.”

“I feel at home in the communications team, but if I ever want to work in another department, I know it can be arranged. This is a company where people get unique opportunities, and there’s no hesitation in encouraging major career jumps. That’s why you sometimes see people coming here with richly filled careers, an idea that I find very reassuring. But for the time being, I’d rather gain some years of experience with the communications team, and continue to work closely with my direct manager, from whom I can learn a lot. Being able to use these experiences to grow into a management position in the long term seems to me to be a great prospect!”