Dry ice refrigeration technology for the transport and e-commerce sector

Powerful, reliable and cost-effective
Food & Pharma
26 February 2018

Dry ice has long remained relatively unknown, but for some years now the product has been growing increasingly popular with companies from the transport and e-commerce sectors. In addition, dry ice is also widely used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors and for cleaning machines.

“Dry ice is indeed undergoing a bit of a Renaissance,” reports Coen Dielissen, General Manager Benelux of ICS Droogijs BV. “It’s a unique product that offers special advantages. First of all, it cools quickly and for extended periods and has a cooling capacity that is more than three times higher than that of water ice or flake ice. Dry ice is easy to dose and doesn’t require any additional investment. It’s also bacteria- and germ-free, odourless, tasteless and free of moisture.”

Widely usable

“As a result, dry ice can be used in numerous sectors: transport, food, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, events, et cetera. Finally, dry ice is also particularly well-suited for cleaning machines, conveyor belts and complete production lines efficiently and hygienically.”

No addition of moisture

Dry ice has a temperature of -78.5°C and consists of solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice moves from its original solid form directly into the gaseous phase, without going back into the liquid phase. Because dry ice does not contain any moisture and because it sublimates, there is no wet residue left in the products to be cooled and/or in the packaging, as is the case with traditional cooling methods based on water ice or flake ice.

ICS Droogijs BV

Since its foundation in 1995, ICS Droogijs BV has specialised in dry ice. The company is located in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands, and is part of the Air Liquide group. “ICS Droogijs has an important strategic advantage because we are responsible for the entire production chain,” explains Coen Dielissen. “We produce dry ice ourselves, on a CO2-neutral basis, and process it in various forms. Depending on the application, we compress the dry ice into pellets, granules, discs or blocks. In addition, customers can also contact us for all kinds of related matters, including recyclable packaging made of polystyrene foam/EPS, EPP or cardboard.”

Depending on the nature, volume and temperature of the product to be transported, ICS Droogijs BV is able to suggest the ideal type and quantity of dry ice, as well as the most suitable packaging, maximizing efficiency and avoiding excess cooling capacity. “This is how we guarantee our customers maximum quality and cost control,” concludes Coen Dielissen.

Type of transport

Dry ice is particularly well-suited for the refrigerated transport of products, not only foodstuffs but also pharmaceuticals. A crucial advantage is that no refrigerated vehicle is required, which leads to a considerable energy and weight saving. It often means that smaller vans –which do not require special driving licences– can be used.

Home delivery service

The e-commerce sector has been one of the most important economic growth categories for several years now. “The food market in particular is catching up, with a view to responding better to changing consumer needs. Home delivery services are a crucial part of this.”

“To this end, ICS Droogijs BV has developed a number of smart solutions and concepts that enable e-commerce companies to deliver chilled or frozen products to their customers at the right temperature and within an appropriate timeframe. Sometimes we advise our customers to switch to dry ice completely, but is also possible that we recommend combining dry ice with other technologies. It all depends on what the customer wants and how they are organised.”

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