“ALbee is a truly unique product”

Welding students look for a suitable solution for home welding
Entrepreneurs & Professionals
10 April 2020

Crescendo CVO, an adult learning service with 21 branches in Flanders and Brussels, offers a comprehensive welding course as one of its options. It’s a course that attracts professional welding hopefuls and eager hobbyists alike.

Mathias Goyvaerts teaches students the ins and outs of TIG, MIG, MAG and SMAW welding at their Vaartdijk campus in Mechelen. “Each student first receives basic training,” Mathias explains. “This gives them a brief overview of the various welding techniques so that students can find out which welding method is the best fit for them. After they complete basic training, they can then decide the welding method they want to start with.”

“At the end, they receive partial qualifications for each welding technique they master. While hobbyists don’t necessarily require full certification and often limit themselves to a single method, students who hope to use what they’ve learned professionally have to master the whole range of techniques.”

“Once students have mastered a specific technique sufficiently, they can apply it to their own projects. Right now, there are students working on a pizza oven and a designer lamp, for instance. It’s good for motivation,” concludes Mathias.

Price comparison

Johan Immesoete is one of Mathias’ students. His day job is accountant. “My interest was sparked when a friend of mine came for a welding course here,” Johan explains.

“After making it partway through the course, I wanted to be able to weld at home too. So, I invested in welding equipment of my own and an ALbee gas cylinder. Before I bought the cylinder I compared prices for the various options available. As well as direct costs, I took depreciation and other things into account. Once an accountant, always an accountant!”

Worry-free welding

“Various gas suppliers offer Argon in large cylinders but, for the occasional user, that’s not a great solution. The size and weight make them difficult to transport. Besides, you have to provide your own relief valve. The cost of the cylinder is an extra barrier for private users. The main issue is the rental cost, which can add up; a five-year lease is common. And of course, even if you stop welding for a while, the payments go on.”

“Air Liquide’s ALbee system works very differently. You purchase your bottle at the start and just change it for a new one when you run out. From then on, you’re only paying for the gas. That means it’s not a problem if you don’t do any welding for a while. There won’t be any  extra costs.”

“And there’s no need to worry about periodic inspections and the costs that go along with that, because the distributor supplies a new bottle meeting all the legal requirements each time. And speaking about safety: because the relief valve and pressure gauge are fully shielded and don’t extend out beyond the dimensions of the cylinder, the risk of an accident if the bottle tips over is small.”

“ALbee almost seems designed for hobbyists. The bottles fit easily into your car for transporting and they’re lightweight enough to carry on your own. Another advantage is the integrated relief valve. Relief valves have gaskets that can wear out, another thing you need to keep an eye on for safety reasons. Using an ALbee cylinder removes that worry too.”

“I scoured the market for similar products when I was comparing prices, but there weren’t any. ALbee is a truly unique product.”