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The renewed ARCAL Reference & Technical Line
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15 April 2019

At first glance, there appears to be little difference between the argon gas mixtures offered by the various suppliers, but Air Liquide’s relaunched ARCAL range has some very special features.

ARCAL Reference

The ARCAL Reference range comprises four high-quality ready-to-use shielding gases for argon-based arc welding: ARCAL Prime, ARCAL Chrome, ARCAL Speed and ARCAL Force. ARCAL Prime is a 99.998% pure argon gas, suitable for TIG and plasma welding for all materials, including titanium. It can also be used for MIG welding aluminium and copper alloys.

ARCAL Chrome is the ideal solution for MAG welding stainless steel. As its name suggests, ARCAL Chrome refers to chromium, the most important component in stainless steel for its corrosion resistance. As for ARCAL Speed, it is designed for MAG welding different grades of carbon steel. It allows high productivity and is therefore the perfect product for automatic and robotic applications.

ARCAL Force is the top choice for MAG welding heavy structures - such as bridges, agricultural machinery and ships - in carbon steel, even where the surface is oxidised or contaminated.

ARCAL Technical Line

The range also includes the ARCAL Technical Line, with 23 special gas mixtures developed for very specific welding tasks. “One of our new customers - who welds metal structures for HGVs - has switched to ARCAL M23, for example,” explains Georges Castin, Technical Sales Representative at Air Liquide. “Thanks to this gas from the Technical Line, the customer has a lot less preparatory work than before, and the actual welding is done much more quickly. The customer can now process more orders in less time. Result: satisfied customer and higher turnover.”

Why choose ARCAL?

ARCAL products comply with ISO 14175 and AWS-A5.32 quality standards. Not only does this confirm their quality, it also means that the gases conform to the most common professional standards for welding.

The gases are available in different cylinder sizes (from 20 litres to 50 litres), and on request also in cylinder bundles, or even in tanks with an integrated mixing unit. Depending on the application or working method, the cylinders can be supplied with ALTOP, SMARTOP or EXELTOP. Each of these tops ensures maximum user-friendliness and safety.

ARCAL products are designed to minimise spatter while reducing oxidation. The cylinders also have an exceptionally low reject percentage, which guarantees high productivity.

Technical Support

“The quality of the ARCAL gases and our cylinders is beyond question, but ARCAL is about more than just that. For example, we have 21 sites in the Benelux and no fewer than 380 distribution points. We can get any ARCAL gas to its destination very quickly.”

“Our technical support is also a differentiating factor. Our people go to customers’ premises to help them optimise their production process or resolve any problems they may have.”

More info about ARCAL? Visit myGAS or contact Georges Castin.

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