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Air Liquide focuses on the European oil and gas industry
Research & Analysis
7 May 2018

“All over the world, we have built successful partnerships with the top 5 petrochemical companies,” explains Patrick Hondsmerk, Research & Analysis Sales Director Benelux at Air Liquide. “Today, it is our ambition to further develop our activities and collaborations in the oil and gas market in Europe.”

Full service

“I believe we have a number of products in our range that really set us apart: from industrial gases to the most complex gas mixtures with more than 40 components. In addition to delivering gases, we also design and build gas installations and we supply a wide range of gas detection equipment and other gas products and services."

"Our customers can count on a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for all gas-related matters, and they can also make use of our Expertise Centre in the Benelux, where they have direct access to our experts.”

“Obviously our competitors are not sitting still, but with our unique and innovative solutions we can help companies in the petrochemical industry with their complex challenges in the fields of analysis and process control. Our solutions save time and costs, while enhancing precision and reliability.”

Always close by

“One of our biggest advantages is our strong local presence. We have 23 sites in the Benelux, 15 of which are intended for production and distribution. For example, our speciality gas production site in Breda is a state-of-the-art plant for complex gas mixtures. This plant has a proven track record in virtually all conceivable gas mixtures, including liquid mixtures and mixtures with liquid-densified gases, for which Air Liquide has developed an advanced calculation programme and specific packaging.”

“And let’s not forget that Air Liquide has 2,225 km of pipelines in the Benelux for the transport of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. It goes without saying that our local presence brings important benefits for the customer. In case of emergencies or other unforeseen situations, we can –and will– act very quickly. We also maintain a dense transport network, with several delivery days each week. Continuity is a crucial issue in the oil and gas industry, and we are fully prepared for this.”

Added value

“The point is that we really want to make a difference. Delivering custom ISO 17025-certified calibration mixtures – quickly and accurately, so customer continuity is never compromised – is just one part of the story. The other part involves helping our customers improve their processes. By thoroughly analysing these processes, we can often make significant improvements. These can be improvements in safety, but often we can also help save costs by improving process efficiency.”

“One of our customers in the petrochemical industry had to calibrate their analysers every time they switched to a new gas cylinder. We solved this problem by ensuring that the gas composition in the cylinders always remains exactly the same. Now recalibration is no longer necessary, which obviously saves a great deal of time and effort. We used a special technology to achieve this, which even guarantees the ‘identical’ composition on paper as well.”

“For another customer we supply a liquid hydrocarbon mixture with a ‘Depletion Certificate’ for their process analysis application. A liquid mixture that contains liquid-densified hydrocarbons doesn’t remain homogeneous (gas or liquid), and therefore changes during use. The calculated values reflect the actual composition during use of this two-stage mixture. This allows the customer to know if the system is performing within the right specifications, ensuring optimal performance while reducing operating costs.”

“In addition to complex calibration mixtures, we have a complete product range for continuous emission measurement systems (CEMs), for measuring flue gases in chimneys, as well as a product range of gases in light, portable cylinders with manageable pressure controllers for gas monitoring and detection.”


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* In 2012, NASA’s travelling robot “Curiosity” landed on Mars to search for traces of life on the red planet. Air Liquide was charged with installing the SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars), the chromatographic capillary tubes which were used to separate the Mars molecules before they were analysed by Curiosity’s instruments.