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Air Liquide launches its Green Origin programme
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28 August 2017

It should go without saying that today every self-respecting company places great focus on the environment and sustainability. One of the most important elements related to this is to reduce CO2 emissions.

Fact is that the stakes are considerable. Without question, the most important aspect remains the ecological impact of reducing the CO2 emissions; however, there are also major economic consequences to be taken into account as well.

Scope 1 -> 3

A distinction is made between three categories involving CO2 emissions known as scopes.

  • Scope 1 concerns CO2 emissions resulting from direct emissions, for example from the use of fossil fuels during manufacturing.
  • Then there are the indirect CO2 emissions, for instance caused by the use of electricity. These are classified as Scope 2.
  • Scope 3 emissions have a significantly greater range and among others, relate to the CO2 that is emitted during the manufacture of goods or materials that a company purchases from its suppliers. Therefore it is important for companies that their suppliers also make the necessary efforts to ensure the reduction of their CO2 emissions.

What is Green Origin?

That is precisely what Air Liquide is doing in the Benelux by means of its Green Origin programme. Within this programme, Air Liquide produces liquid oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon utilizing only renewable energy. This energy is derived from wind energy parks and biomass plants or is fully compensated through the use of green energy certificates.

The programme includes the entire production process: distillation, liquefaction, storage, filling, transport and delivery.


Each year, an independent certified auditor, in this case Vinçotte, checks to ensure that Air Liquide meets the requirements of the ISO 14021 standard. Naturally, these certificates can be supplied upon request. The certificates for 2016 are already available for download.

The added value that Green Origin offers

Companies purchasing Green Origin gases see a significant reduction of their Scope 3 CO2 emissions. In this way, they actively contribute to a better environment and are able to capitalise on the economic benefits associated with such an improvement. Finally, this also has a favourable impact on corporate image.

Clients can be assured that no compromise whatsoever is made regarding the quality of the gases being supplied. The continuity of deliveries – both via road transport and through our pipeline network – also remains guaranteed.

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