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30 May 2022
Febetra — the Royal Federation of Belgian Transport & Logistics Service Providers — has, because of its central position in the transport sector, clear insights into the challenges and opportunities of emission-free road freight transport.
7 March 2022
Initially, she only signed up for an Air Liquide internship. But it was such a good experience for both parties, she was soon offered a contract as a process technologist...
14 February 2022
Belgian shipping company CMB – Compagnie Maritime Belge – has a rich history spanning over 125 years. In that time the company has built up an impressive fleet of more than 90 large cargo vessels and 50 workboats. The CMB.TECH division also focuses on business activities outside the shipping industry. This is all because of recent developments in hydrogen...
4 October 2021
It’s well known that gas purity has a significant influence on the reliability of laboratory measurement results. What is less well known is that the quality of pressure equipment is also very important.
2 June 2021
On the occasion of Sustainability Day, 23 March 2021, Air Liquide put forward its new "Environmental, Social and Governance" strategy, where CO2 emissions naturally play an important role.
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