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11 July 2022
Jean-Baptiste Veyrenc (27) worked for a pharmaceutical company and wanted to sign up for the VIE programme in the UK through his employer. That scenario fell through because of Brexit, so he was looking for another way to get a place on VIE...
21 March 2022
Noort Klima Services, in the North-West business park in Rotterdam, specializes in assembling, maintaining and repairing vehicle heating and cooling systems.
19 January 2022
Air Liquide is investing €125 million to build a new Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Moerdijk. It’s a new generation ASU with a daily oxygen production capacity of 2,200 tonnes. The ASU is particularly innovative in a number of ways. For example, its energy consumption is 10% lower than the previous generation and the ASU will be used to stabilise the national power grid, facilitating wider use of renewable energy sources.
9 November 2021
Covestro is one of the world's biggest producers of polymers. The group has no fewer than 50 production sites and employs around 17,000 people. Covestro's polymer materials are destined for various markets, including the automotive and transport industries, the construction sector, the wood-processing industry, the furniture industry and the electronics sector.
20 September 2021
Gases are not the first things that spring to mind when you think of a construction site. Nevertheless, gases are indispensable for welding or cutting up reinforcement nets and steel beams, among other things. For larger construction companies operating internationally, it’s often quite a challenge to get the right gases to the right place at the right time. Air Liquide's new Construction Yards Team is changing all that.
30 August 2021
Thibault is in charge of coordinating maintenance in the production facilities, as well as fixing any problems. "It’s pleasant working at Air Liquide. This is partly because they’re open to new ideas and also because you’re given real responsibility from day one, which means you develop your professional skills fast."
19 July 2021
Joining Air Liquide two years ago through the VIE programme (Volunteer for International Experience), Morgane Dignan, 28, has now secured a permanent contract as Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager.
28 June 2021
Bas Menzing (45) was recruited just over a year ago as a Sales Representative at Air Liquide’s Manufacturing & Process (M&P) department. He advises customers about gases — usually delivered in cylinder bundles or tanks — and systems to produce gases on site.
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