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2 December 2019
Terry Sudre (28) is a project manager in Air Liquide’s Large Industries department. He is part of a team carrying out industrial projects focusing on efficiency, reliability and automation. As part of the ALLEX programme, he has already been working in Germany and he is due to leave for a new mission in Russia next year.
21 January 2019
The Air Liquide Leading EXcellence (ALLEX) program promises participants that they will become a part of a network of talented and international driven professionals. The program is an opportunity to work in different countries, and gain experience in different parts of the business. Not only does it benefit the business, but it helps to equip young graduates to progress within the company.
18 June 2018
Narcisse Verbist, a 25-year-old Fleming who now lives in the Walloon part of the country, has been working for Air Liquide as a sales engineer for the past eighteen months. Thanks to the ALLEX programme, he can also undertake two missions abroad, each lasting three months. He has already completed one of them, and the second one is about to start…
23 April 2018
Rejdi Balluku (29) is employed as a real-time engineer at the Air Liquide Operations Control Center (OCC) in Brussels. In addition, he has already worked in the European strategy department in Frankfurt as part of the ALLEX project. His second ALLEX mission will soon take him to Paris, where he will analyse the industrial management systems used in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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