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5 February 2018
He was planning on becoming a professional football player. But then at the age of 18, Simon Wiciak changed course. Simon, now 24 and from a small French village near Cognac, subsequently obtained his engineering degree and found his way onto the Air Liquide VIE programme.
9 October 2017
The Summer School programme is a unique opportunity for international students with a business or scientific background to learn more about Air Liquide and its activities. Pia Bierman, a 23-year-old German, recently started her second year at Air Liquide within the international internship programme. She submitted her application for the Summer School week in Paris, and was selected along with 29 other top students to participate in this special programme.
18 September 2017
VIE stands for Volunteer for International Experience. It is a programme for young graduates set up by the French Government. The aim is, on the one hand, to encourage French companies to develop their activities abroad and, on the other, to give graduates the opportunity to pursue an international career. Read more about it here.
20 June 2017
VIE is open to young Europeans with a Master’s Degree. Through this international internship programme you can get started in one of the 80 countries where Air Liquide is active!

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