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11 July 2022
Jean-Baptiste Veyrenc (27) worked for a pharmaceutical company and wanted to sign up for the VIE programme in the UK through his employer. That scenario fell through because of Brexit, so he was looking for another way to get a place on VIE...
31 August 2020
Felix explains how he uses his technical skills at Air Liquide to bring various different industrial projects to a successful conclusion. “There is plenty of room to launch ideas and take new initiatives,” he says.   Check out our vacancies in Antwerp: - Process Engineer - Process Control Engineer - Project Manager Other career opportunities
20 July 2020
A cross-functional team of eight Air Liquide colleagues – drawn from the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and the Nordic countries – was put together to identify how inclusion and diversity could be better embedded in Air Liquide’s teams in the North-West Europe (NWE) cluster. A number of inspirational initiatives were the result.
17 February 2020
Marloes Moerman – a Rotterdam native and mother of two - is friendly and charismatic, but that doesn’t stop her from being successful as Pergen site manager.
13 January 2020
Isabelle Hilaire (24) is passionate about sustainable energy and the environment. She wants to apply her knowledge to help industrial companies use energy as efficiently as they can while reducing harmful emissions as far as possible. Thanks to the VIE programme, her mission is taking shape.
2 December 2019
Terry Sudre (28) is a project manager in Air Liquide’s Large Industries department. He is part of a team carrying out industrial projects focusing on efficiency, reliability and automation. As part of the ALLEX programme, he has already been working in Germany and he is due to leave for a new mission in Russia next year.
4 March 2019
Efficiency Project Lead at Air Liquide UK, Francesco Collini, talks about life in the VIE Program, working internationally, turning dusty annual report figures into sales and marketing tools, and the importance of shared values.
21 January 2019
The Air Liquide Leading EXcellence (ALLEX) program promises participants that they will become a part of a network of talented and international driven professionals. The program is an opportunity to work in different countries, and gain experience in different parts of the business. Not only does it benefit the business, but it helps to equip young graduates to progress within the company.
18 June 2018
Narcisse Verbist, a 25-year-old Fleming who now lives in the Walloon part of the country, has been working for Air Liquide as a sales engineer for the past eighteen months. Thanks to the ALLEX programme, he can also undertake two missions abroad, each lasting three months. He has already completed one of them, and the second one is about to start…
25 May 2018
Under a radiant spring sun during the Ascension Day weekend of 2018, five Air Liquide employees cycled no less than 1,000 kilometres for the Kom op tegen Kanker campaign.
23 April 2018
Rejdi Balluku (29) is employed as a real-time engineer at the Air Liquide Operations Control Center (OCC) in Brussels. In addition, he has already worked in the European strategy department in Frankfurt as part of the ALLEX project. His second ALLEX mission will soon take him to Paris, where he will analyse the industrial management systems used in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
12 March 2018
Lauren Gohier is 25 years old and hails from Lyon, France. She has been working for the Air Liquide communications team in Brussels since the beginning of 2017. After successfully completing a number of internships, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Management. Then she decided to apply to Air Liquide.
5 February 2018
He was planning on becoming a professional football player. But then at the age of 18, Simon Wiciak changed course. Simon, now 24 and from a small French village near Cognac, subsequently obtained his engineering degree and found his way onto the Air Liquide VIE programme.
18 December 2017
In this straight from the heart clip, Karine Boissy-Rousseau illustrates Air Liquide’s vision of women in technical professions and management positions. She also discusses her own career at the company.
13 November 2017
Air Liquide regards diversity in the workplace as a win-win situation. On the one hand, because it is good that as many people as possible – men and women of different ages, of different abilities and of different nationalities – should be given equal employment opportunities. And, on the other hand, because Air Liquide itself also benefits from a diverse workforce.
9 October 2017
The Summer School programme is a unique opportunity for international students with a business or scientific background to learn more about Air Liquide and its activities. Pia Bierman, a 23-year-old German, recently started her second year at Air Liquide within the international internship programme. She submitted her application for the Summer School week in Paris, and was selected along with 29 other top students to participate in this special programme.
18 September 2017
VIE stands for Volunteer for International Experience. It is a programme for young graduates set up by the French Government. The aim is, on the one hand, to encourage French companies to develop their activities abroad and, on the other, to give graduates the opportunity to pursue an international career. Read more about it here.
31 July 2017
Wow! A relay race stretching out to 530 km, with teams of up to eight runners running from Paris to Rotterdam. In a nutshell that is edition 2017 of Roparun. But there is much more to it than just an extreme endurance event.
21 July 2017
Renee Schellekens – sales  representative for the food and pharmaceutical sector at Air Liquide in the Netherlands – started working for the company a year ago as part of the ALLEX programme.
20 July 2017
During the 2017 Ascension weekend, approximately 850 cycling teams collected no less than EUR 4,085,000 for Kom op tegen Kanker. One of these teams consisted of 6 male and female Air Liquide employees.
26 June 2017
Can you envisage a career at Air Liquide but don’t know which department is best for you to develop yourself? Then Air Liquide’s ALLEX programme is certainly something for you! ALLEX offers you the flexibility to discover all of your career potential and opportunities.
20 June 2017
VIE is open to young Europeans with a Master’s Degree. Through this international internship programme you can get started in one of the 80 countries where Air Liquide is active!
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