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20 December 2021
Some people talk about protein diversification, and others prefer protein transition. But in each case, the challenge is the same: the search for new nutrients and products to take their rightful place alongside meat products. Preferably also for their taste, texture, nutritional qualities and price...
29 November 2021
Cryogenic gases are widely used in laboratories as well as pharmaceutical environments, in the industrial sector, and even in restaurants. Using cryogenic gases offers a number of unique advantages but is not without risk.
2 August 2021
As well as the big well-known players, there are also quite a few smaller breweries in the Benelux. Some are run commercially, while others are strictly hobby projects. Remarkably, many of these smaller (micro) breweries succeed in producing high-quality beers.
21 December 2020
Blasteq - strategically located between Amsterdam and The Hague - markets dry ice blasting machines, while sister company 247DIC uses dry ice for industrial cleaning.
30 November 2020
For both safety - and practical reasons - cylinder gases are usually stored outdoors. Often, a structure with mesh sides and a canopy cover, or a similar solution is provided for this purpose. This works in itself, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to fire safety, amongst other things.
2 November 2020
Companies and laboratories who regularly work with cylinder gases often see it as a major challenge to keep track of the location and status of the various gas cylinders they use. Servitrax and Stelio make things a lot easier.
26 October 2020
Imagine a 70,000 m2 site, comprising a huge shop offering no fewer than 35,000 different food items serving both professionals and consumers, and 150 refrigerated trucks driving back and forth six days out of every seven, delivering a daily average of 20,000 packages. That’s 250 tonnes of food products going to customers over a wide area. La Provençale, with its 1,300 employees, is by far the biggest food wholesaler in the region.
19 October 2020
Traditional gas cylinders can contain up to ten thousand litres of gas, but they can weigh in at many kilos and are often too big to be comfortably transported in a car or a small van. Not only that, conventional rental plans are not so attractive to the consumer.
8 June 2020
Searching for gas leaks, for example in air conditioning systems or industrial settings, is often a painstaking, labour-intensive and time-consuming operation.
24 February 2020
Air Liquide is opting resolutely for a customer-centric approach as it works on digital transformation projects. Darwin - an augmented intelligence project taking customer need as its starting point - is located at the intersection of the two...
27 January 2020
It’s a familiar problem for laboratory technicians: you need a particular gas mixture – perhaps for calibration - but you don’t know exactly what data you need to provide to be sure that the mixture complies with the correct specifications. Not only that, the cost or delivery deadline might not be immediately clear. Air Liquide’s new e-Mixture Guide offers a ready-made answer to all these questions.
22 January 2020
In February 2019, Air Liquide began construction of the SMR-X, a next-generation hydrogen plant. Work started on the high-tech production unit on the Covestro site in the port of Antwerp.
18 November 2019
It is no secret that production quality and cost efficiency improvements - often remarkable ones - can be achieved if a supplier is willing to collaborate actively with customers. Especially when it comes to new production processes, such as FDM printing based on metal extrusion.
26 August 2019
Air Liquide is currently working in different areas to provide companies with a suitable response to the challenges of tomorrow. These challenges concern not only technological developments, but also the pursuit of a more sustainable society.
5 August 2019
Recent developments can now achieve perfect temperature control during the production and transport of food products such as meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, cheese and pasta. This brings some significant benefits.
15 July 2019
AutoSupply allows users of cylinder gases to monitor remotely how much gas is left in the cylinders. The gas is automatically reordered and delivered, with the result that the user hardly has to even think about it.
17 June 2019
Being in business often feels like you’re involved in a constant plate-spinning circus act in which, when just one plate falls, the whole enterprise risks falling apart. If only some of the plate-spinning could be completely handled by someone else…
3 June 2019
Andy Augustus, Market Manager Food & Pharma North-West Europe, explains how food producers can rapidly test new products and production methods using - among other installations - a cryogenic freezer tunnel.
13 May 2019
Data centres house large numbers of servers, usually contained within relatively compact spaces. While data centres often have huge floor surface areas - 50,000 m² or more is not exceptional - much of the space is taken up by long rows of 19-inch racks filled from top to bottom with servers. Substantial heat is therefore generated, which means that data centres must be equipped with powerful and reliable cooling.
18 February 2019
Water purification installations have made use of a biological purification method based on so-called “activated sludge” since the 1950s. This involves mixing waste water with a population of specific microorganisms. These microorganisms have a cleansing effect, since they feed on organic material in the water. Subsequently, the sludge is removed before the water receives further treatment using additional purification techniques.
26 November 2018
High-quality gases are essential for accurate and consistent analytical performance. Air Liquide now offers two levels of purity in its Alphagaz product line.
29 October 2018
Three years ago - in September 2015 - Wendy’s Partyshop opened its doors in Nevele, East Flanders. Among other things, the shop offers masks, hats, wigs, complete fancy dress costumes, party materials... and of course balloons. We wanted to know more about these last-mentioned items.
15 October 2018
The lab, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has about 50 staff, including PhD researchers and postdoctoral researchers developing new medicines. A number of staff also work on projects for third parties, mainly companies in the pharmaceutical sector.
1 October 2018
In a not too distant past, it was self-evident for most people to eat a meat based meal every day. In the past, vegetarians were considered to be outside the mainstream. Today however, our society is rapidly evolving into a semi-vegetarian ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle into which we cut down meat consumption in favour of more sustainable plants and vegetables diets.
11 July 2018
Gas bottles are an indispensable tool in many laboratories. However, their correct and safe use is often a sore point. Let’s face it, bottles are usually heavy and impractical. Plus, it is often difficult to check quickly whether the gas supply is closed off, or how much pressurized gas remains in the bottle.
5 July 2018
Ruben Van de Sande—production manager at CADskills—explains the role of Air Liquide in the production of personalised implants by means of Selective Laser Melting (SLM).
11 June 2018
CADskills is a Belgian hi-tech company designing and manufacturing personalised implants to replace or reconstruct parts of the human skeleton. Initially focusing on the skull and face, the company is gradually extending its range to the rest of the body.
12 May 2018
The message of Professor Bert Blocken –professor of building physics at the Faculty of Architecture of Eindhoven University of Technology and part-time professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of KU Leuven– offers little reassurance about the risks of fine dust. He specialises in the aerodynamics of buildings, cities and the sports world. Since the behaviour of fine dust is strongly influenced by the wind –and therefore also by the aerodynamics of buildings and cities– fine dust is high on the professor’s agenda.
9 April 2018
There are quite a few things to bear in mind when considering the purchase of a Laser Beam Melting (LBM) machine. Such a purchasing decision is always complex because the choice of a particular machine often involves the choice of a specific ecosystem as well.
26 March 2018
In the past, small helium users were obliged to resort to traditional large and heavy gas cylinders – for which rent had to be paid – or disposable packaging. But the latter was not particularly environment friendly nor was it accepted at recycling parks.
12 February 2018
3D printing –also known as additive manufacturing– is rapidly gaining traction. One reason is that the technology is now mature enough to be used for series production. As a result, 3D printing is on the agenda of an increasing number of companies.
8 January 2018
Packaged gas - the supply of industrial gases in gas cylinders and bundles - has been and continues to be one of the most important sectors of Air Liquide’s business. Nick Peeters, Senior Plant Operator at the Air Liquide site in Herenthout (Belgium), explains how the cylinders are filled safely and accurately.
11 December 2017
Most of the gas cylinders circulating on the market today are designed with the industrial user in mind. For this reason, the cylinders are quite large and heavy, so that more gas can be stored in them. In addition, the typical rental formula is also tailored to the needs of the industrial user. However, smaller users, such as self-employed persons or hobby users, have very different needs.
20 November 2017
The importance of a professional approach to hygiene in the food industry cannot be overemphasised. Even relatively minor shortcomings can have far-reaching consequences including serious illness and even death.
16 October 2017
If we are going to prevent famine from becoming an even bigger problem in the future than it already is today, we must take urgent action. This can be done by investing in intelligent solutions that help reduce food shortages.
25 September 2017
Air Liquide supplies gases, services and solutions for SLS, DLMS (SLM) and EBM printing to Benelux customers active in the aircraft industry, the automotive sector, dentistry and surgery.
18 August 2017
A research project carried out by Sirris shows that cooling with cryogenic gases offers significant advantages in the processing of titanium. Surface quality is greatly improved and burn marks are avoided. In addition, the service life of drill bits and milling cutters is doubled, which has a positive impact on costs.
26 July 2017
Traditional cooling fluids for turning and milling are necessary but have some major disadvantages. Thanks to Cryo Machining, there is now a technology that offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.
27 June 2017
On 18 May 2017, Air Liquide organised the first edition of Food Day, a seminar specifically aimed at food companies. The seminar brought together experts from industry, government and academia to exchange innovative ideas. Key themes were operational excellence, innovation, sustainability and quality.
13 June 2017
Need a gas bottle quickly while on the road? Find a distributor in your area  online, including contact details, opening hours and directions on the map of distributors in Belgium or Luxembourg.
6 June 2017
Air Liquide's ground-breaking cryogenic machining technology is ready to conquer the world of metalworking. Recent research has shown that cryogenic machining offers many undeniable and demonstrated advantages over conventional machining techniques, and all with surprisingly low investment costs.
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